NWAMI promotes Community Cohesion and Social Integration through education and cultural engagement globally, we aim to reduce hate crime throughout society through building tolerance and understanding, along with a mutual respect for diverse culture for all. 

NWAMI takes the campaign to Parliament

NWAMI Takes the campaign to Parliament! Student from Bangor university joined politicians, diplomats, charities and educational institutions to come together to promote and celebrate the contributions made by the different cultures throughout North Wales.


Author: Tansy Swerdlow

The Big Debate

In 2012 NWAMI, hosted the Big Debate, a BBC Question style event with a carefully selected panel


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NWAMIs 2nd International Advisory Panel

NWAMI had a very successful 2nd meeting of our international advisory panel on the 11th of June.


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Come and Volunteer with us!

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Windrush day 2019

On the 22nd and 23rd of June NWAMI held a two day event for the community in order to commemorate Windrush Day 2019. It was a fantastic event, and we would like to give special thanks to our guest of honour Jim Thakoordin and his wife Doreen.


Author: Tansy Swerdlow

Our impact


75% of our volunteers have gone on to well placed in jobs where they are using the skills developed through working with us.

Beginning in North Wales

Many organisations all over the globe have ran and organised their own multi-cultural and multi-faith events. 


NWAMI encouraged around 50 international students to take part in a visit to Parliament to discuss the welfare of international students in UK universities.

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Latest events

  • NWAMI's Interculture Festival 2019

    NWAMI Interculture Festival 2019 Colwyn Bay, North Wales, 21/09/2019. Read more

  • NWAMI Next International Advisory Panel Meeting

    We would be delighted to see you at the next international advisory panel meeting for NWAMI. Read more

  • Get Creative Festival 2019 Arts Workshop

    Come and get creative with language and words and support the get creative festival 2019 Read more

See what we've been up to!

  • Windrush Day Preparations!

    I had a wonderful time working with NWAMI creating our representation and our symbol of the Windrush boat! Read more

  • Windrush Day 2019 awards

    NWAMI presented two certificates during our event to Jim and Doreen Thakoordin and Enrico and Mary Stennet.to recognise and award the work and contributions that they have given to British society. Read more

  • A successful presentation on Hinduism!

    Congratulations to NWAMI Chair, Dr Sibani Roy on a successful talk on the faith of Hinduism at the Wales Interfaith Conference in Newport on the 1st of May. Read more