Doctor Sibani Roy was invited to attend the Wales Interfaith conference hold on the 1st of May in Newport. The aim of this Conference is to build and facilitate Faith Dimension of citizenship through building relations and understanding interfaith shared values. It is working to form a vision for investing this shared to improve and build on community relations.

As well as attending the conference, Dr Roy gave a presentation about Hinduism and the beliefs of Hinduism in order to educate those who were in attendance about what the religion and the faith are about, and to speak about where the religion has come from and its founding values. 

NWAMI believes that the key to forming and building a Cohesive and Supportive Society, so it was wonderful to have the opportunity to inform people and educate people about diverse religions, cultures and traditions. 

Thank you to The Onyx Link Foundation for providing the opportunity to attend and for Doctor Roy to speak about Hinduism!