I had the opportunity attend the ITV Diversity Panel on the 04/05/2019 as a representative of Networking for World Awareness of Multicultural Integration. The panel included representatives from Business Wales, Chwarae Teg, and RainbowBiz. The panel came together to discuss what ITV has been doing to help ensure they are covering and representing the true diversity of the country.
One focus of this meeting was a discussion surrounding the new style news programmes that they have been airing, with short real world stories and case studies at the beginning of the news. This is an opportunity to reach a new demographic of news watching and make it more accessible to all. They also introduced the new ‘Social Stories’. These provide an opportunity for people to tell their own story. These can be about anything, the key is that they are told by real people!
It was really interesting to see the the work that has been going on and we are proud to support ITV in creating diversity and accessibility in television