NWAMI have always stood for making a truly integrated and supportive North Wales through encouraging an exchange of cultures to allow EVERYONE the opportunity to showcase themselves and their culture so we can all learn from one another. We are expanding all the time to reach out to and support more people and more groups, and our new name reflects that the work that we do and the people that we work with come from all across the globe! Read our press release below to find out more! 

Press Release 7th September:

“Networking of World’s Aspiration for Multicultural Integration”, known as NWAMI, was born in North Wales on March 11th 2011 to integrate incomers with local people through education and cultural engagement. An unbiased understanding of diverse cultures is the keynote of promoting community cohesion and social integration with an outcome of respect for people from diverse cultures and reducing hate crime.

However, the term “integration” was misinterpreted by some parts of the community as assimilation; as a result NWAMI took as its operational name Centre for Cultural Engagement (CCE) in 2015. This was launched by Lesley Griffiths AM, then minister for community…CCE became a Pan Wales organisation.

In 2017, with the help of Rt. Hon. David Jones MP, former Secretary of State for Wales, NWAMI had a very successful event at the House of Commons, which was attended by all party parliamentarians, many diplomats and all faith leaders. NWAMI managed to spread the message of need of global integration and formed an international advisory panel alongside its local advisory panel. With the help of Liz Savile Roberts MP, NWAMI held its first international advisory panel meeting in 2018 at the House of Commons whereas the first local advisory panel meeting was held in same year at Bangor University, supported by the International Students Union.

NWAMI launched Music Around the World Initiative DARBARI on 7th July in Colwyn Bay and the international integration day in Cardiff on October 9 th in the midst of a vibrant integrated cultural performance, which was attended by many Dignitaries including Lord Mayor, Ministers and Diplomats and appreciated by all attendees.
In terms of Education, NWAMI has been offering minority language classes alongside English and Welsh and ongoing weekly Arabic classes.

NWAMI invites organisations and individuals to take active roles or support it as patrons, advisory panel members and volunteers particularly to organise the proposed weekly Human Library and would appreciate correspondence to be directed to:

Dr Sibani Roy, founder and chair at [email protected]

P.S. IAP (International Advisory Panel) ISE (Local Advisory Panel) Coop (Co-opted) CD CRep (Co-Opted Directer, Cardiff representative)
Also it can be noted that all directors have been appointed in individual Capacity.

NWAMI thanks all who have been supporting over the years"