CHRISTMAS is the season of goodwill, it is not only confined to the people with Christian faith but opened to all to join and celebrate.

Possibly UK takes pride being the top of the Western countries going crazy over the Christmas Festivity, it is a month long (if not more) celebration over Nativity, Christmas Carol and Christmas lunch or even late night party.

I come from an orthodox Hindu Family of Indian Origin. Though I am a devoted Hindu I have open mind about all religions. My late Physician father used to attend (it was the custom of those days) festivals of diverse faith and I often accompanied him, My Hindu faith was never deterrent to respect others religions … over here I join the club of Christian faith and try to celebrate Christmas as traditionally as possible. I have a few lonely (away from home) people having Christmas lunch with me. One of them is a Roman Catholic and Christmas means Christmas to the person... That is another reason I take every care not to miss out anything and do not give my guests opportunity to say “What does she know about our culture!”

Talking about tradition and culture, during my Mayoral year I had to work three times harder than a local Christian Mayor to keep up with the tradition, particularly walking backward after laying the wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.

In my opinion getting accustomed with the culture of the land we live in is very important, it is important to integrate with the local people and integration is only possible by learning their culture in proper learning setting. It is Christmas Eve and I do not want to enter into political debate but I must say that we would not lose the culture of our roots if we respect and learn the culture of the land rather we will enrich ourselves by doing so and won’t be isolated and feel as an outcast.

Enough for today…

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all.

God bless!

Sibani Roy (Chair of NWAMI)

On the side note: An eventful evening with the Deputy Mayor and Aladdin Pantomime cast at the Colwyn Theatre.