Maria-Gabriele Doublesin
BPsy. Hons.(Melit.); MA TCouns (Melit)
MA Couns.Psy.(UMD), RCouns. CCP036

You can contact Maria on:

Contact: [email protected]
Mobile/WhatsApp: +356 99705689

Maria's rationale as a professional:

''Fostering community cohesion requires shared investments, mutually beneficial policies, and innovative partnerships that recognize the importance of well-being for all.
As Intercultural Community Counsellor I am dealing with communities and individuals from all sectors of society.
In this context, my job as Intercultural Community Counsellor is to assist communities and individuals to understand and integrate these experiences by helping to establish and maintain a dialogue in every sector of society.
This means to inspire and support effective communication and critical engagement with complex interdependent social, cultural & economic systems, which is vital for global sustainability.''

NWAMI was delighted to have her as a guest speaker at our 2nd International Integration Day in Cardiff, where she shared her beautiful thoughts on multiculturalism. ''Multicultural Integration in simple terms is
just like when you’ve got coffee that’s too strong
So, what do you do?
You integrate it with cream
And you make it week
But if you pour too much cream
You won’t even know you had coffee… (Malcolm X)
This analogy reflects the two components of integration: Stability to the community on one hand and acculturation, not assimilation, on the other.''