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NWAMI's vey own music band

On the 7th of September 2017, The Networking for World Awareness of Multicultural Integration launched Darbari, a band which aims to encompass 'Music Around the world'. 
NWAMI created the band to enable a space to celebrate and showcase the incredible diversity of the world we live in. The band enables talented budding musicians from around the world to practice and showcase traditional music and traditional musical instruments. 
The band also strives to include local talent with local members of the community and local talents from all cultural and ethnic background. Music is something that is important to all cultures and it is an important way to showcase and celebrate culture and faith and demonstrate the diversity that exists.
NWAMI also endeavors to ensure that the band is reaching those from disadvantaged communities to help them avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. Most importantly, the band is inclusive to all faiths and cultures. Furthermore, it provides them with opportunities to learn and practice musical instruments which they may not otherwise be able to access.
NWAMI is currently looking for talented musicians from all over the world to support our band as musicians, teachers, consultants and to bring in as many diverse cultures as possible. 
If you think you could help or would like to get involved please send us an email on

'Darbari' The Band: About Us
'Darbari' The Band: Welcome
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