The Networking for World Awareness of Multicultural Integration have always been and always will be in full support of opportunities which provide a community cohesion and education for the public to encourage cultural exchange and celebration. NWAMI met with Directors, Volunteers, Bangor University staff members met with Vice Chancellor John Hughes.

In 2013, NWAMI worked with Bangor City Council and Bangor University to organize "Encompassing World Culture" to promote community cohesion and social integration. This event was partly designed to help connect the University with the community. It is often felt that the university and the city are two separate entities, however, this does not need to be the case. The university is working to build the relationship with the city and to show that we can work together. 

The Event was funded by the Bangor City Council, Gwynedd County Council and Arts Council Wales. The event focused on heritage and history and was a high profile day-long event. 

The day began with a grand procession led by Rt Hon David Jones MP and many other distinguished guests. This included the North Wales Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, a delegation from Keele University, the Welsh Government and local dignitaries. 

The Programme for the day included dance workshops, a writing workshop and an academic seminar on Community Cohesion through Cultural Exchanges.

Finally, the day was finished with a grand concert featuring Welsh, Chinese and Indian folk dances, Persian lute players, Welsh Singers Dance from around the world and Theatre company 'Ballet Nimba'.

In order to promote cultural and inter-faith exchange there were numerous stall which provided the opportunity for guests to try their hands and crafts and activities from around the Globe.