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Wed, 09 Oct



2nd International Integration Day

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2nd International Integration Day
2nd International Integration Day

Time & Location

09 Oct 2019, 18:00

Senedd, Senedd, Cardiff CF10, UK

About the event

Dr Roy gave the following speech:

Good evening Ms Alyson, the deputy director of communities representing the Rt. Hon First Minister of Wales, friends and supporters of NWAMI, The National Assembly of Wales Staff members and a special thanks to and others coming from North Wales and England and beyond.

You have already been welcomed by NWAMI president Mark Isherwood AM as well as by Megan by her magic tune. All my previous speakers spoke about diversity, inclusion, community as well as integration in general. I want to take the opportunity of this occasion to plead to the First minister and all good people here to secure the future of NWAMI which has achieved so much within 8 years and with very scarce resources.

As one of the results of NWAMI conferences at the House of Commons in 2017 NWAMI has formed an International Advisory panel under chairmanship of Judge Ray Singh CBE and Neil MacVoy AM as the vice chair. Following year we held our 1st meeting again at the houses if Parliament then this year at the Cardiff University Student Union and hopefully next year at the House of Lord which will be sponsored by one of NWAMI’s Patron Lord Dholakia who takes keen interest in NWAMI’s mission.

Here are few of the outcomes: (which might not a populist one and do not want to create a debate in this occasion however would urge to the First Minister to organise a group meeting to discuss these issues further.

· The concept of Integration should extended to overseas students and temporary residents as well. I am pleased to inform you that from October 2017 NWAMI has been campaigning for extension of student Visa which has been approved by the Home office recently.

· Many Ethnic minority people do not like to be branded as BLACK according to them Black and White is straight demarcation, cutting the citizens into two halves which is a deterrent to inclusion, cohesion we always talk about. Until the Black word is removed from the vocabulary from the governmental administration, segregation hatred isolation and discrimination will continue and Integration will remain a mirage.

· Both regional and UK governments should start supporting any efforts by any individual/organisation working to promote inclusivity, community cohesion and Inclusion. Just by appointing diversity officers and or offering classroom training would not help but needs to be demonstrated out in the community through teaching and practising diverse culture. There should be government funded events for bringing the community together for example celebration of multicultural /diverse Wales, a big fair inviting diverse community to participate and share their culture with

others. Something like International Eisteddfod in Llangollen but in Cardiff and in bigger scale where diverse community can share their food, cultural history of past, present and planned future in a friendly cohesive and festive manner, And that goes for entire UK.

· Many believed that just classroom teaching on diversity is not good enough for reducing ignorance and hate crime but need practical approach alongside which is to organise multicultural/multi-faith festivals, conferences/workshops annual fairs etc. Music and Arts play important roles in bringing people together. With this view in mind NWAMI formed one world ensemble called DARBARI. Anup Biswas and his team will perform Infused music after I finish talking to you.

As mentioned earlier they are the few vital points out of many.

First Minister and friends NWAMI needs a base in Cardiff to operate its secretarial affairs from and a plausible solution could be to tie up with a University., we managed to build good working relationship with both Universities in North Wales, all further educational Institutions and some private and state run schools but they are afraid of any commitments which might involve financial contribution.

Recently we are in a preliminary negotiation with a University in Cardiff which cannot be named at this stage. Though they respect our mission but same problems of financial commitments remains.

To conclude I shall quote one of your existing Assembly Members: “Sibani! Government should help you with resources because you are doing their job which they should have started long time ago!”

Thank you for listening.

Sibani Roy. 9th October 2019

The founder and chair of NWAMI.


Rt.Hon. First Minister! We know that you care about people of Wales, please treat citizens/residents of Wales as People of Wales and Mark the 20th Years of Devolution as abolition of Black and White demarcation. Your noble act will be eventually followed by other regional Governments as well as UK government. By doing so Governments could save billions of pounds being spent on protection of Ethnic Minority People because there will be only One Nation One Race.

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