NWAMI have ran several of events and workshop within the north Wales era. We joined partners with the Colwyn Bay Town council and Grwp Llandrillo Menai College to provide a variety of activities for the local community to engage with.

One of our popular workshops that we hold every year is the interfaith event whereby we ask numerous speakers from different faiths to come and hold discussions regarding religious and political affairs, this provides the opportunity for different groups to discuss their concerns and thoughts in a wider platform and interact in a social setting. The interfaith dialogue was funded by Colwyn Bay Town Council.

Here is Cheif Elwyn Williams reading from his book.

The Aims & Objectives of these meeting are;

- To bring all ethnics and religious intuitions together

- To promote community cohesion and cooperation between all religious groups

- To educate people about the different religious beliefs that people hold

- To counter all forms of prejudice, intolerance, discrimination and racism

- To provide a platform for theological debates

For the sake of the health of this country, we need to find ways in which members of our communities can meet regularly together in a more structured way than has been possible up to now
Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey

We need your support to carry on this workshop so we can carry on facilitate and deliver more interfaith dialogue opportunities to audiences around North Wales. Allowing for and creating an Interfaith dialogue is crucial to building cultural awareness among people around the globe in order to create a cohesive community. 

Here is Malcolm Cumberbatch, one the speakers who attended our Interfaith Dialogue event.