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From January 2017 to March 2018, NWAMI successfully organised free Welsh and English language classes for the local community through the Project Croeso I Bawb/Welcome to All. These classes were specifically aimed at thoes in the Colwyn Bay/Llandudno area. These classes helped those who attended to overcome any language barriers they may face when engaging with the local community.

“They have helped both Refuges and New Migrants from the mosque by providing English and Welsh classes to develop there own language and interpersonal skills” Nahida Miah, a Project worker for NWAMI

In addition, the classes that were ran were as accessible as possible to everyone. During the classes, those who attended had access to free Child care whilst in class to enable them to attend. The aim of the classes were to reach those who would not normally be able to access these kind of resources. To support all attending By provided child care, it removed at least one barrier for those attending,

Letter of Support from Omar Muslem, The husband of one of the learners.“My wife attended English class last year and she enjoyed a lot and also learned to speak English, it was better for my wife because we have a child ad the Centre had child care when she attended a class”

Once the classes were running, the learners themselves decided to come together to start an Arabic language class through a volunteer teacher.


NWAMI is currently in the process of working with Learn, Welsh for adults in order to start running these sessions once again through meeting with the Head of Welsh for Adults.

NWAMI wants the opportunity to continue the running of these languages classes on a regular basis, but we can't do it without your support! Whether its through writing a letter of support if you were one of the learners attending our classes or whether you wish to leave a donation to put toward the running of the classes, everything helps

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