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NWAMI - 11 Years on

The founder chair Doctor Sibani Roy (SR) is constantly looking for successors to replace Directors when they want to step down. SR herself has been looking for a successor should her health decorates. Having to understand that it would be practically impossible to find someone to take over all responsibilities of MWAMI as it has developed as NWAMI is now (Networking for Awareness of Multicultural Integration), SR initiated the need to divide NWAMI into five manageable initiatives for continuity when she steps down:

  • Malta: 1st International Unit Chaired by Maria Gabriella Doublesin.

  • South Wales: Two vice Chairs Tripti Megeri and Julie Sangani, and two other Board Members Ifty Hassan and Shardul Pandit. All are with young families and regular jobs hence they can only commit for a limited time. Chetna Sinha has been appointed to facilitate NWAMI Board Meetings and also to organise NWAMI South Wales Group gradually but eventually with help of two joint vice-chairs and two other Board members.

  • England initiative: Ragasudha Has been appointed as the Director In charge of NWAMI’s Centre For Cultural Engagement and is expected to work closely with newly formed NWAMI’s International Music Group DARBARI

  • NWAMI’s Centre for Commonwealth Research (CCR) initiative was virtually launched by Professor Iwan Davies, the vice Chancellor of Bangor University in 2020. Now a proposal has been submitted for academic affiliation with Bangor University. We hope that if everything goes well Dr Marian Gwyn will take the lead role of CCR when she is ready.

  • DARBARI: The proposed International Music Group has been registered with help of Rachael Hobbs, business adviser, Business Wales. The rest of the formalities are in progress. SR introduced DARBARI directors to the Board they are Sibani Roy, Amruta Garud, Mike Edwards, Ragasudha Vinjamuri, Jonathan Richards, Chris Hemmings Kriashnapriya Ramamoorthy, Amruta Garud and Issac Nelson.

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