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NWAMI International Group

Updated: May 16, 2022

It was a great pleasure and honour to host organize our 3rd international Advisory meeting on Zoom. I wish to thank NWAMI’s Founder and Chair, Dr Sibani Roy to put her trust in me and appoint me as your Chair of NWAMI International Group and I am proud of forming part of your wonderful work Sibani. You will have my full support and I am looking very much forward to a fruitful collaboration. I would also like to thank our dear Judge Ray Singh and Amr Alwishah for navigating us through our very productive meeting. A big thank you to all participants for your excellent contributions.

  • In this meeting we investigated possibilities how to take NWAMI International Group further and a possible structure has been discussed in the form of creating different subgroups such as a subgroup for performing Arts, another subgroup for education. Kindly permit me to suggest another subgroup for promotion of anti-racism and anti-hate speech.

  • Our Director of NWAMI Cardiff Group suggested strengthening of NWAMI/NWAMI International Group social media presence

  • Furthermore, it was suggested to add a NWAMI INTERNATIONAL GROUP ‘parent’ page to NWAMI’s Website with different landing pages featuring the different subgroups

  • Ioanna offered to create a NWAMI Greece group, which I warmly welcome. It is suggested that the NWAMI Greece Group will liaise with NWAMI International Group and NWAMI Head Quarters.

  • Dr Sibani, addressing Muheed also suggested an establishment of a NWAMI Sri Lanka Group, asking whether it is possible to hold an event in Sri Lanka

  • Ms Akiko Miyahara, President of the Malta-Japan Association also offered her support

Proposed next steps

Creation of an interactive NMAMI International Group online platform, the creation of podcasts, identifying representatives of various subgroups who in turn will liaise with NWAMI Head Quarters and with the Chair NWAMI international Group.

Warm regards from Malta

Maria-Gabriele Doublesin

Who is our new Chair NWAMI International Group:

Maria-Gabriele Doublesin, born on December 21st 1958 is a German – Maltese National and Founder of Intercultural Counselling and Competence Development Ltd. She designed and carried out various national community projects such as ‘Moving Beyond Integration: Striving Towards Inclusion at the Workforce’ and ‘Learn to Work Together: Cohesion Building Through Cross-Sector Collaboration.

She holds a dual master’s degree in transcultural counselling and community counselling, with a specialisation on issues pertaining to intercultural adjustment and social justice and social change. Maria-Gabriele is working in close collaboration with NWAMI since 2013 and a speaker of NWAMI’s numerous events on topics such as ‘Living in a Multicultural Society: Challenges and Opportunities’ (University Bangor, 2013); ‘Negotiating Cultural Boundaries (International Integration Event at House of Commons, 2018); ‘Fostering Community Cohesion’ (International Integration Day 2019, the Senedd, Cardiff)

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