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NWAMI's Cardiff Director Tripti Megeri reads a story

As part of a campaign by NWAMI to keep parents and kids entertained at home during this crisis, Tripti Megeri reads a story for all of us to learn lessons from.

Everyone is invited to participate in the interactive activities out of interest and as part of wellbeing of kids/parents campaign.

In this week's story, we learn about Aesop. It is said that Aesop was born Sardidis in around 620 bc. According to legend he was enslaved and made the property of a citizen named Iadmon, who resided on the Isle of Samos. Impressed by Aesop’s wisdom and wit, which helped Iadmon settle ugly disputes, he gave Aesop freedom. Soon he became a defender of the common people, using his fables to expose the unjust ways of Tyrants.

These fables are useful for people particularly kids to fight against injustice of modern Tyrants.

Please listen to Aesop’s first story read by NWAMI Cardiff director Tripti Megeri.

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