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What is NWAMI about?

Sibani Roy is the founder and chair of the Networking for World Awareness of Multicultural Integration, or NWAMI for short.

NWAMI was founded in 2011 in North Wales, it became a ‘Pan Wales’ organisation in 2015 under its operational name ‘the Centre for Cultural Engagement’. It started celebrating the 9th of October as International Integration day from 2018 onwards.

NWAMI’s mission is to integrate newcomers seeking a long term or short term stay in this country alongside indigenous people. The expected outcome is to reduce intolerance and hate crime.

To fulfil this mission, NWAMI works closely working with the police, crime commissioners, educational Institutions, members of the public, 3rd sector and private organisations.

For the last 9 years NWAMI has been successfully encouraging individuals and organisations to promote Diversity and Multiculturalism. Now, we are pleased to tell you that some organisations are making efforts to follow NWAMI’s footsteps of promoting Integration alongside community cohesion and social inclusion. Which we believe is a great achievement for NWAMI.

For the last 9 years NWAMI has achieved a lot regionally, nationally and internationally.

The video provides a better idea about our work and mission.

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