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he Centre for Cultural Engagement (The CCE) is the operational name of NWAMI. At the CCE, located in Colwyn Bay North Wales, we are committed to supporting the community to come together. In North Wales today there is such a wide variety of people, opportunities and cultures, that we must take the time and the chance to learn from one another and celebrate together. 



At the CCE, one important way that we support and help cultural exchange is by providing free language classes for members of the community. You can find out more about those classes by clicking here! We provided English and Welsh language classes, with refreshments and childcare also being provided. They were such a success that one of the learners went on to to start providing Arabic language classes at the centre. 


Once a week at the CCE, a group of writers from Colwyn Bay get together to share their own work. This often includes (but is certainly not limited to!) Poetry, short stories, newspaper entries or excerpts from longer pieces of writing. They choose a new theme for each weeks meeting, and then come together each Saturday between 13:00 and 15:00 to showcase their talents.


Recently NWAMI has held special workshops at the centre, celebrating the life of Walter Tull, the first British Black soldier to be commissioned to the post of 2nd Lieutenant during the first Wold War. You can read all about Walter Tull and the work done by NWAMI to celebrate his life by clicking on this link.

We have also recently celebrated the Get creative Festival 2019 and created an art instillation to showcase the talents of the local residents.


The Centre for Cultural engagement was launched in 2015 as part of the Unity and diversity event in Cardiff. It was launched by Lesley Griffiths, the Current Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs. The Unity and Diversity senate held in Cardiff on the 16th of June 2015. 

The Event was a huge success bringing together people from all over the world to celebrate Unity and Diversity within our world.

Here are some of the stands that were part of the event.

The Centre for Cultural Engagement: About Us
The Centre for Cultural Engagement: Gallery
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