NWAMIs Campaign

NWAMI works with people from a large variety of backgrounds from all over the world. Our mission is to help break the ice between those of all different cultures and backgrounds to help support people to come together. The focus is on helping to bridge the gap through supporting and encouraging community cohesion, whilst facilitating and assisting the sharing and exchange of cultures. We are committed to removing and reducing any barriers which are faced by those living in today's society by helping to create an interest, understanding and respect for each and every individual.

What Difference have we made?

Since NWAMI was established in 2011, we have been working tirelessly to support and encourage community cohesion through community education projects and cultural celebrations were everyone is encourage to showcase their own talents and celebrate every aspect of their culture. Since we began our campaign, there have been countless events which have been held throughout North Wales.

Some examples include

Diversity Sunday 2017

This event was part of DIVERSITY 2017 which was held in Mold to celebrate diversity throughout North Wales. NWAMIs Chair Sibani Roy was invited to attend the event to join in the celebration.

Bangor University One World Gala

In 2014 after working with NWAMI Bangor university began running a regular One World Gala. This is focusing on and supported by Bangor University International Students. This is an opportunity to showcase Dance and Music from all over the world for everyone in the area to come and enjoy. It gives students as well the chance to explain aspects of their cultures, helping to educate and share with the local community. As is visable in the image below, the event is always popular and well attended! 

Undeb Bangor Cultural Fair 2018

The Students Union at Bnagor university hosted a fantastic event last year celebrating the unique and diverse culture throughout the university and the community. NWAMI were invited to attend to show their support.

Diversity event Rhyl town Hall

NWAMI was also invited to attend a celebration of diversity event that was held at Rhyl Town hall