Our Objectives

NWAMI is dedicated in its mission to challenge all obstacles that come its way through the formation of a respectful, peaceful and healthy society with an understanding of the diverse cultures that exist in today's World. We are committed to reducing barriers by building up a cohesive community and integrated society in Wales and far beyond in the 21st century.

It must be stated quite clearly that by “integration” we are not talking about any kind of cultural assimilation. Rather we are referring to a process of cultural engagement and to creating the circumstances in which a greater understanding of other peoples can be attained. NWAMI is committed to helping people in retaining and sharing with others their cultural identities. From this process an atmosphere of mutual respect can be encouraged.

We are always looking for new Partner's to work with and support, who can help to support NWAMI's mission of Complete community cohesion.

If you think this is something you or your organisation wants to become involved with please let us know, and if you would be interested in Volunteering with us click here