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A Covid-19 Message

Coronavirus has changed our life in a way we could not have imagined a few months ago.

Lock downs in current pandemic due to COVID 19 are not easy! 

People worldwide are feeling stuck at home, they feel less productive.

When something happens that is distressing, unexpected or affects and we feel we can’t control the outcome, and our usual way of living is threatened or disrupted, then this is particularly  important to look after our mental health and wellbeing .

There are many more difficult days ahead and many people will be forced to make sacrifices. But, even in these difficult times, we see the strength of our communities and remain united and should fight back any pandemic together with positive courage ! 

Young generation, even with kids are not following the our Government Guideline correctly but  I personally believe ,is not clear at all as well! As on one end Our government saying 

STAY HOME and SAVE NHS! But on other end it gives liberty to go out for once day for exercise !  In this situation where everyone is working from home and current summer weather will definitely tempting to people to go out even for those who are not usually be out for every day for exercise, eventually will make more people outside on road and putting on more risk of spreading COVID-19  around our nation ! 

So in brief every one has to be really mindful before living home ,as we not only need to follow Government Guideline correctly but have to understand clearly as well !

Apart from everything I would like to massive thanks not only NHS staff, but also each and every citizen of united kingdom for right from our civil services employee, delivery folks, first responded ,Sanitary staff workers, front line bank workers, super market staff, post office staff, our army services, all school teachers staff , each and everyone who is working hard to keep going our life as smooth as possible in today's atmosphere ! 

NWAMI will always be available for any age group ,any culture, any race or colour  through out the nation ! 

Please do not forget to listen key message by the future of our nation! Under resources tab on Covid-19 page.

(Aaryan Pandit and Dev Pandit)


Julie Sangani & Shardul Pandit; and NWAMI Founder: Dr Sibani Roy.

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