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The Colwyn Bay writers group meets every Saturday between 13:00 and 15:00 to get the local community of Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Rhos-en-sea together to bring the magic of the written word back to life.

"Colwyn Bay Writers' Circle was founded in 2015 by Marc Peter Spacey with Cath Davies. We meet at the Centre for Cultural Engagement in Greenfield Road, every Saturday from 1-3pm. All are welcome, from all backgrounds, ages and abilities, and each week we write on a theme and discuss widely the ideas raised by each other's work. Members are welcome to share work, or just come and listen, and can bring along anything they might be working on that week. We find that the frequency of meeting each week gives a lot of impetus to write, in addition to giving members the confidence to share their work. Since the group started, we have performed at several poetry and NWAMI events, and continue to enjoy and thank NWAMI/CCE for all their support to the group."

Cath Davies and Mark Spacey

Founders of the Colwyn Bay Writers Circle

It has been wonderful to see how this weekly workshop and gathering has grown and encouraged writers from all over to come together and share their work!

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